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Project Together!

The international Project Together! aims to start a debate about the way we want to live together in the 21st century – in our homes and in our neighbourhoods. Together! is about collaboration and collectivity. Among the programme are an exhibition, a series of talks, discussions and excursions including citizens, professionals and scholars. Project Together! is a collaboration between TU Delft, Platform31, Inbo, Gemeente Delft and Gemeente Den Haag.

An overall impression of the project can be seen in Together The Movie.

To illustrate the project with real collaborative housing initiatives throughout The Netherlands, Eric Creemers and Ron Blom made 5 short films about 5 typical housing projects in Together Stories.

Project Together! calls for a wide-ranging debate on the financial, demographic, ecological and political mechanisms that cause the stagnation in the housing market and the structural solutions that are needed. Together brings examples of new, collaborative forms of living that show how things can be done differently. Neighbourhoods that are designed, developed and financed in a different way.

Based on the principles of the inclusivity, circular economy and long-term value development, Together is an invitation to have a broad debate on new forms of housing and calls for experimentation, inclusivity and collaboration.

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